Project 1012

PROJECT 1012. Named after the postal code covering Amsterdam's city centre (including the Red Light District), Project 1012 is an effort to tidy up the downtown area. The strategy will drastically reduce the number of red lighted windows and coffeeshops in the heart of the city.

As part of the project, the owners of 26 coffeeshops have already heard in 2009 that they will have to close their businesses no later than June, 2015. Some of the coffeeshops have already closed down or transformed into lunchrooms, restaurants and cafes (read in our section closed coffee shops).

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Psylocibin Mushroom

Also known as the magic (psychedelic) mushroom is famous for its hallucinogenic and psychedelic properties, appreciated throughout the ages not only as a recreational drug but also to gain spiritual and philosophic insights. The mushroom grows uncultivated in nature, specificly in Mexico and Hawai, but can also be found in the Netherlands, mostly in pastures, meadows and woods. The more fertile the soil, the better the mushroom grows.

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Pesticides are chemicals used to get rid of insects and particular diseases when cultivating grass. When used too close to harvest time of the product, and/or if not rinsed out properly they can cause harmful side effects when smoking the treated product.

Pool Table

A pooltable is, as the name proclaims, used to play pool. It comes as a billiard table but with 3 holes on each long side, the 6 pockets used as targets to down balls in.


CBD contents may vary in this case. Normally, if the CBD content levels are higher one should not (or less) be affected by psychosis, unless genetically sensitive.


Puff Puff Pass

Puff Puff Pass is a game frequently played in the smoker scene. It goes like this ; you sit down in a circle with your co-smokers, everyone puts a certain amount of money on the table (ranging from 25cts to 5 euro’s) you light a joint and let it circulate. After each toke the player says Puff puff pass and passes the smoke to the next player. Last one remaining collects the cash



Pacman is one of the oldest classic computer games, also as an Arcade game. The game is usually found at cantines, bars and snackbars. The object of the game is to run through the maze, “eating” other objects, and thus scoring points in the allotted time. Of course you could be “eaten” as well,thus ending the game.

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