Psylocibin Mushroom

Also known as the magic (psychedelic) mushroom is famous for its hallucinogenic and psychedelic properties, appreciated throughout the ages not only as a recreational drug but also to gain spiritual and philosophic insights. The mushroom grows uncultivated in nature, specificly in Mexico and Hawai, but can also be found in the Netherlands, mostly in pastures, meadows and woods. The more fertile the soil, the better the mushroom grows. While under the influence of this drug people experience a different perception of time, space, surroundings and feelings. Not everybody is charmed by the mushrooms properties as it can have negative side effects, called a “bad trip”. This can be caused by disquiet surroundings or when somebody using it can not handle it mentally or emotionally. Side effects could amount up to a situation where a person could injure himself of remain in a state of psychosis. In order to avoid this, a good “setting” is very important. This means that you should not only be comfortable with the surroundings, but also with the people you are using the drug with. This definitely decreases the chances of having a bad trip.

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