a strain is a specific variation of the cannabis plant. There are a lot of different strains that carry the name of the developer, or have something to do with the surroundings or genetics. Don’t focus yourself on a name at the Amsterdam coffee-shops as a OG Kush could be something different in each shop. A lot of growers are inclined to give their product the name of an existing strain in order to get more money.


(also known as light narcotics) are drugs that some governments, like the Dutch, consider to carry an acceptable risk. These drugs are mentioned on list II of the Dutch Opium Law. In juridical sense possession and manufacturing of these drugs is a criminal offense, but in reality possession of small quantities is without sanction. To the common people soft-drugs mean hash and grass, but officially a lot of benzodiazepines and other sleep-inducing or tranquilizing medication is also covered here, as is a large amount of hallucinetic mushrooms. (paddo’s)


Space Cake

If you're a non-smoker it's a perfect alternative but be warned! Plenty of cannabis consumers have a grim story around their first experience of space cake and there's a good reason for that. Space cake can take a while to kick in, with the effect being felt somewhere between half an hour and two hours after consumption, by which time you've probably eaten another slice thinking it isn't working. Halt! Step away from the cake. Everybody reacts differently to space cake and you never know how it will go for you, so take your time and take small bites. You can always get more stoned not less.

Stoned (Definition)

this word is supposed to be originated in the old Amsterdam thieves and thugs slang, Bargoens, which was a mixture of Jewish and Romani (gipsies). This “secret language”, what we nowadays would call street or slang was used throughout the 20th century by crooks, cons and assorted criminals as well as by travelling salesmen. Stoned expresses a state of inertia,which is commonly experienced after consummation of soft drugs. Your extremities, arms and legs, might feel a wee bit heavier all of a sudden, like made of stone.



not really used or known in Holland, but fairly popular in Germany and England, probably because it is harder there to get your hands on the real thing. Spice producers claim their product is not for human consumption, but rather as incense. On the label a large variety of herbs are mentioned, but generally no traces of those are found in laboratory analyses (CSI Amsterdam)



this is a pouch where you can save your not totally consumed cigarette or joint. It is generally made of artificial thread. It is not only designed to saveguard your smokes, but also extinguishes them within 5 seconds and prevents any odor escaping. Saves you from some tricky situations where one had to consume (read eat) the circumstantial evidence when pulled over all of a sudden.



the Sativa is one of the most popular grass strains. One can easily recognize them by the volume, this due to its origin near the equator, where it is provided with sufficient light. The buds are usually THC rich, and fluffy in structure. The yields of Sativa are high, but the growing process requires a bit more time than with Indica.


Comes from one male and one female parent, and can produce either male or female plants. It is virtually impossible to tell if a regular seed will turn out to be a male or a female later on. Of course, after you get to the flowering stage, it is much simpler to identify males and females. Males will produce oval pods while females will produce a calyx shaped like a teardrop.



A stash is the (hidden) amount of supply a dealer works with. In all coffee shops there is only 500 grams allowed on a permanent basis. If there is more on the premises when inspected by the police it will result in persecution of the owner, consequences will range from a warning and/or fine (for a first offense) to a shutdown of the shop.


grass smokers in search of a heavier high start to smoke “shatter”. A grass concentrate with a CBD content of around 80%. Drug scientists are not sure yet as how to classify this new drug, a nice translucent substance that even increases its potency when smoked.

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