grass smokers in search of a heavier high start to smoke “shatter”. A grass concentrate with a CBD content of around 80%. Drug scientists are not sure yet as how to classify this new drug, a nice translucent substance that even increases its potency when smoked. As it concerns a marihuana derivate it is not scientifically considered harmful.

“Shatter”is just one of the many ways to “dab”, the catch-all word for marihuana concentrates produced by extracting cannabinoids like THC and CBD and other psycho-active ingredients. Other known extracts are “butter” that looks more like a crème, in wax form or even oil, and is gold or honey colored, and “glass” that is translucent as well. In order to produce dabs certain solutions are used, in most cases butane, carbon dioxide or propane. By creating a high pressure on the weed flowers (buds) one evaporates all compounds and the CBD and THC remain.

The name “shatter” is derived from a phase in the process of its creation, as soon as the THC-CBD substance has been separated it is transferred to a glass container, where it “shatters”, like when you pour molten caramel into a bowl. Street value of these drugs is high, around 60-70 euro’s a gram. From all concentrated substances shatter is the purest. It is run through an extra filtration process where all the natural fats and lipids are washed out. This is the reason why such high percentages of active ingredients can be packaged. Grass normally only contains 5-18% BD_THC content.

This phase optimizes the process of obtaining the purest from the plant. It also filters out all the byproducts giving the grass its taste and odor. Smoking the shatter is a committed and reasonably expensive process. If you are seriously considering it, get a hold of a “bong”, it concerns a glass pseudo-bong called a “rig”. Prices range from 100 to 200 euro’s apiece.

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