Blind Eye Policy

For soft drugs and Coffeeshops.

Soft drugs are less hazardous to the health than hard drugs. Therefore sometimes other rules apply. Against coffee-shops that sell hash and grass under strict conditions no legal action is taken. This is the essence of the blind eye policy. Sales outside of coffee-shops are liable to be prosecuted. According to the law civilians are entitled to possess soft-drugs. It concerns here A maximum of 5 grams cannabis (hash or grass) A maximum of 5 hemp plants.

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A bong is used to smoke marijuana or hashish. The bong is actually the daughter of the water pipe that originally comes from the Middle East. The difference between a bong and a hookah is that the neck is shorter and it is smoked through the pipe itself and not through an extension. The bong also has a valve hole that you need to let go if you want to inhale the contents.

Bruin Café

Bruin Café

Whether it is a beautiful old-fashioned bar or a simple neighbourhood café on the corner, brown pubs occupy a significant place in the Amsterdam culture.

Every Amsterdam based Dutchman has his own favorite brown pub. And whoever wants to get acquainted with a local celebrity only has to visit his or hers hangout.

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The Budbomb is a functional weedpipe from high quality. This pipe is made from stainless steel while the inside is crafted so it cools the smoke before you inhale it. The budbomb is easy to clean, because you can disassemble all the parts.

So the Budbomb has a unique design in which the smoke is cooled by the specially designed helix on the inside.



a blunt is a cigar, with grass inside. In order to roll one, one has to obtain a cigar fit for the purpose like for instance Swisher Sweets, Backwoods or the one and only Dutch Masters (where do you think Rembrand and contemporaries got their inspiration ? ) Blunts are generally smoked pure, without adding tobacco. Nice thing about them is you can get them in many different flavors, such as brandy, chocolate or strawberry.



When you're baked, you're quite stoned indeed. The term most likely comes from weed being associated with increased paranoia, which could easily lead one to the morbid thought of being baked in an oven. Generally, however, being baked often only means you won't feel much like getting off the couch for another twenty minutes or so, at least.



a bud is the urban American expression for the compact flowers in the plants. It is probably derived from the word “butt” as the buds are also compact and round.

Bond van Cannabis Detaillisten


The BCD is the Union of Cannabis Retailers, an umbrella organization of all coffeeshop owners. The white and green sticker on the window near the door of a coffee shop indicates that the shop is a member of the BCD.

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