Is the end of a joint and is often too small to be smoked for fear of burning ones fingers. As a result, a roach is typically smoked with a roach clip or saved with other roaches to be used in another, stronger joint or added to a bowl. A roach is brown in color because of it high resin consistency due to smoke deposits settling each time it’s inhaled.


Ruderalis is one of the three main variations of cannabis, including indica and sativa. Although this plant is less common than the other two and grows to approximately 2 feet high, it is known to autoflower with age, versus with a light cycle. Ruderalis is very high in cannabidiol or CBD.



The term for the glass pipes used for smoking concentrates, also called “oil rig.” As opposed to having a bowl for smoking flowers, these pipes utilize a nail or some type of other device which can be heated to a high enough temperature that the concentrate vaporizes. Rigs almost always utilize water for cooling because the smoke coming off the nail is entirely too hot for a dry hit.

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a reefer is an American joint, one size smaller than its Amsterdam counterpart, usually made with small cigarette papers (skins) and generally made with pure grass without the use of tobacco.

large papers are used to roll joints, it comes in many different materials (ricepaper,hemppaper),thickness and colours. Favorite brands are Rizla blue and red, and Smoking.

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