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The hype concerning the cannabis-concentrate “Live Resin” ranges from positive to negative. Due to its high THC/CBD content the opinions about its use vary, causing distorted information around this concentrate. And one can only talk about it after trying it out, so I went to Mr. K & Co and have been able to formulate my own conclusions about the “Live Resin”.

On a recreational basis Live Resin is more for the experienced smokers who have been enjoying the pleasure of a joint for multiple years, but even then it should not be a daily routine. Not because it is not allowed to the inexperienced smoker, but more since the THC/CBD content is too high for a mere novice to the cannabis experiments. And when doing so chances are the effect will be too heavy and that the user will subsequently suffer from anxiety and nervous breakdowns for the rest of his life.

For medical use the Live Resin got her benefits. Due to its high THC/CBD content one has to use it only once a day, which means less smoking, and thus minimizes the negative health-issues. This might be perfect for patients suffering from chronic pains or nausea who are in need of a quick relief, or for those patients not fond of smoking cannabis more than once a day on a regular basis. Besides chronic pains and nausea, Live Resin could also be used to combat the symptoms of chemo-therapy, epileptic seizures, migraine and other ailments where cannabis provides relief.

Because Live Resin is still illegal in the Netherlands it remains a difficult issue, both for recreational and medical use. My personal experience with it taught me it is not a thing to do on a daily basis, unless for medical use, as smoking a regular joint will not affect you anymore.


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