BHOgart at the ExpoGrow 2016 visited BHOgart at the ExpoGrow 2016, Irun.

  • BHOgart

    BHOgart is the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of closed loop extraction systems.

    BHOgart pride themselves in the quality and performance of their closed loop extractors ensuring quality control, high yields (15-20% yields) and high solvent recovery (95% recovery). Years of R&D and testing have led to the development of the BHOgart extractor line. Safety and quality are their foremost priorities at BHOgart. A team of chemists, engineers, fabricators and concentrate producers collaborated on this project to deliver the ultimate solution for quick and efficient essential oil extraction.

    Considering all of this information given by BHOgart we from decided to question and interview BHOgart about their advanced products. Because BHO is a questionable product at the moment, we from were wondering how BHOgart was dealing with the current need of the medicinal extraction of cannabis and how they think about the recreational use of the current BHO products available.

    We even tested their product and decided that the new BHO products that are being created are really strong, even for a daily user of cannabis. But still we really do not know if dabbing or waxing is harmful at all.

    BHOgart explained everything into a great detail about their products as you can see in the YouTube video below. And by watching the interview with BHOgart you can draw your own conclusion about the current BHO products available.

    We from have made some new friends and were enjoying the enthusiasm of BHOgarts explanation of their products.

    Check out the video for the full interview

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